About the challenge

Skynet Hacks is a Hackathon that is oriented toward providing incentives for how great someone's idea is. Beginners and Advanced programmers can participate and we do appreciate creativity. In this hackathon, from our sponsors and guest speakers, we give prizes for ideas, creativity, and coding prowess. If you attended our workshops then feel free to state that in your form as that will greatly boast your application. Also, there will be prizes if you attend the workshops and do a project alongside.

Get started

To get started, please open an IDE of your choice and make sure that the project you make has a good idea and a great execution. Make sure to include good captions and do the best that you can. 


  Skynet Hacks is fiscally sponsored by Hack Club Bank, a project by The Hack
  Foundation (d.b.a. Hack Club), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 81-2908499).


What to Build

An Application, or game, a robot! Make it according to the theme! it does not matter. However, you must submit proof you made it, and how the product works! Cross Submissions are not allowed.

What to Submit

Submit a short description of your project. A video is optional. Some things you can include are the goal of your project, any challenges you faced, a walk through your project and what workshops you have gone through.

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD17,880 in prizes

Beginners (3)

These are for the young programmers who are looking to do their first or second Hackathon. If you have any questions please ask the moderators. All the people here get a $25 coupon from AOPS.

Advanced (2)

This is for the people that have done hackathons before and would like to renew themselves as advanced programmers. Not Google Smart, but smarter than a person who has just started his/her first Hackathon. All the people here get a $25 coupon from AOPS.

Ideas and Creativity (5)

If you have a good idea but cannot code it, then don't worry! Apply to this track and you will be mentioned as a person who has a good idea. Make sure you have a pathway to your design.

Honorable Mentions (4)

For those projects that could not win, but still showed that they were exceptionally done and but still needed an extra push.

Workshops (6)

If you attended the workshops and responded with enthusiasm. Then apply to this, it will give us a good idea of your strengths.

All Participants (17)

All participants will receive a discount code from Echo3d and a Code Ninjas Learner Kit. More sponsors will be giving information on this.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Aryan Kunjir
Judge and Co-Founder

Aryan Dhawan

Aryan Dhawan
Executive Judge and Co-Founder

Aditya Kumar

Krrish Jindal

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Was this idea really good and fit the theme?
  • Appeal
    What does it look like? Feel like? And does it have any impact?
  • Workshop Participation
    If you have participated in any workshops, state them and the judge can increase your score to win.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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